Discover Biospirals® Chi Kung- a new way with an ancient art

4 March 2017

Grounding, calming and flowing, the Biospirals® Method Chi Kung helps the body to relax and become more centred by emulating one of the  most beautiful patterns in nature - the spiral. Through the Biospirals® movements we are able to reconnect with our bodies and enhance our natural energy - chi


Whether you are experienced in Tai Chi/Chi Kung or a complete beginner; have knowledge of Chinese Medicine, are a complementary therapist or energy worker; or are someone who simply wants to feel better within themselves, come and join us, have some fun and discover the potential of the Biospirals® Method.


10.30-1.30 with Debbie Heaney


debbieheaney@gmail.com  /  07810 703 960





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